Jan 12, 2019

i met you when i was 18

this post is meant for you. well im not good in talking, this is the least i can do for you,

i cant recall the first time i developed feelings for you, but i guess i remember the day you made me feel something.special.

(but the first time we talked was when we were lining up at this one stall at anjung during lunch.lol)

It was on friday. you wore that baju melayu (i want it to less obvious so i will not mention the color) but that color suits you very much. everything looks good on you, tbh.

we talked for a while, and i wish it was longer, i wish time stopped when im with you.
you were good with your words. you know the right things to say, it will always something lovely (not literally everything tho) youre not that funny or i dont get your sense of humor,  but i like you.
you looked right into my eyes me for a moment. and till this day, i wanna know what it means.you played a song . it was Im Yours by Jason Mraz. Little do you know, i love to look at you every time you look away. and thats that. weird how little things can give huge effect to your feelings right,

but things got complicated,

you got me questioning all this time if am i the only one who feels this way. and me, im afraid to tell you what i feel about you. i know, im out of your league.

i dont acknowledge much about you, but i guess i dont need anyone to describe who you are. what others think about you dont define the real you.

and last few days, i saw you during lunch.in fact, you sat close to me..ok actually i know you were there, obviously, i SUKA YOU KOT but i kan sombong :') and my heart skipped a beat.  but i tried to avoid you. im afraid,  those eyes are my weakness. i want to move on. part of me wants this feeling to fade away. im sorry. its hard for me to ignore you when deep down i want to talk to you so bad, and now im regretting every chances that i let slipped away.but i guess this is the right thing to do.

Maybe you weren't the one for me
But deep down I wanted you to be

oh man , im so emotional. and why r u even reading this!!?????????????????? hahhaaaaaahaha


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